Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NYC...Washington DC

Ashamedly I haven't blogged for a while. Since I last recorded my wayward meanderings I have been to NYC, Washington DC, spent a day at the falls (Niagara), enjoyed another trip to Hong Kong (squeezing in a quick train trip over the border to Shenzen China), skied New Zealand's white fluffy slopes in all-too-beautiful Queenstown, kicked up my heels in South Australia (from Adelaide to Port Lincoln), as well as a few more destinations which currently escape me. This year Monty and Me (that's Man of the Manor - previously referred to His Lordship - and Yours Truly)are off to Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Spain, Paris and Singapore. Can't wait but it's a long way off yet. In the meantime this Hapless Traveller will upload some favourite photos (in the main taken by Man of the Manor)and post some interesting snippets deemed worthy of sharing...stay tuned.