Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This Hapless Traveller

A year has passed and not one blog since January 2011. Why? Time. Motivation. Why do I continue? Because this blog is my way of recording my travels. If someone logs on and reads it...great! If not, c'est la vie. I write it just for fun and for the pure enjoyment of logging my adventures. When I become a little work-weary I log on to remind myself of my life experiences and how lucky I am. My lastest trip last October - 10 beautiful days spent in South Australia. But my favourite journey of 2011 an escape to bustling Hong Kong for a week then, via a very rocky, hideous American Airlines flight, NYC. Oh my god, how I heart that city. Should I win the lotto I would set up two apartments - one in Paris, the other in NYC...
Our first night in NYC fulfilled all expectations...this is the view from our hotel rooftop in Midtown NYC...the city sparkled in all her glory

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