Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paris Flea Markets

The countdown is on. Admittedly it is a long way off, but come this November 2013 Monty&Me(along with thousands of other locals and tourists) will be strolling through the Paris flea markets in search of that irresistible gem. Earlier this year I uploaded the Keys to the Fleas app onto my iPhone. You can find this flea market information on the net but it is handy to have it stored on your iPhone especially when you are out-and-about in Paris and want to explore different flea markets, check out their locations and confirm open times.

When it comes to markets in Paris there are several good options. My very first trip to Paris was with my parents when I was 17. I have been fortunate to return on a number of occasions since then, each time targeting the markets has been a must. If your time is limited (it is not physically possible  to visit every market as they require and deserve more than just a 30 minutes look-see) first decide on the type of market you want to visit. For example: Do you prefer fresh food markets or trawling through the antiques? Then check location and times open. This will save you running around in circles and chewing up precious, valuable time.

If you have time to do a little research before you go, I've found these links very handy:

Happy market browsing...hope you find something truly wonderful.

Top image: the iPad app as it appears on my phone
Image below: Claudia Strasser (creator of Keys to the Fleas) as it appears on her website

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