Sunday, February 28, 2010

Venice - New Year's Day in the City of Angels

This is my first trip to Venice - but it won't be my last. Next time I would like to come here in April-May or September-October. Talking to the locals Venice is not the place to be after January 5 because many Venetians go on holidays making this tourist destination relatively quiet for the month. I have been told it can get a little 'on the nose' during the peak of summer. For me, winter was perfect timing. No aqua alta to swamp us out and keep us locked inside our hotels. Apart from New Year's Day when the city was covered in an eerily beautiful mist, the weather was truly superb day-in, day-out.
Many shops don't open on New Year's Day, and if they do, not til later in the day, so this is the perfect opportunity to set off on foot (as you do in Venice), walk the city's streets and become acquainted with the six districts or sestieri: San Marco, Cannaregio, San Polo, San Croce, Castello, and Dorsoduro. Often the spelling of some areas and streets differ (both on the building's walls and on maps) but don't stress, you'll work it out. Although there are 160 canals and 400 bridges you won't get lost; there's always a landmark in each area or building that will be 'signposted' to lead you back home.
Before going to Venice, I recommend you check out It is the official website for Venice and it's certainly worth logging on for the latest information from weather to necessary tourist info and other newsy titbits. Their newest portal also deserves a look.

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