Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Carpe Diem

OK I've finally been so badly smitten reading fellow travellers' tales that, quite simply, I have had to start my own travel blog. I was going to write under the moniker Carpe Diem (Latin for Sieze the Day) because my dear old Dad used that as his nom de plume when writing Letters to the Editor. However, while surfing the net, I discovered the moniker was linked to cerebral matters and decided that it wasn't for me as a blog name but the title is perfect as the launch pad for my first entry - I have certainly Siezed the Day to pursue my dream to write about my travels.

Don't be surprised if this blog takes you on haphazzard journeys from my Australian hometown Brisbane to thousands of kilometres across the seas to Europe and Asia. Everything considered that's what Hapless Traveller is all about - enjoying each new adventure, seeing the glass half full, opening our eyes to the wonders of this world. Whether its a snazzy bar just down the road, a seedy cafe in a Euro backstreet somewhere or recounting tales of past travels...I hope you enjoy becoming Another Hapless Traveller with me.

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