Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beijing Bound

I can't believe it...not long now before we fly out so I've decided to give our new iPad a whirl as this is going to be our source of communication and my blogging tool while we're away. Fingers crossed we have wifi access at our hotels and that I can get used to this absurd two-finger typing on the touchscreen qwerty keyboard! Fortunately we are fleeing with our great mates The Captain and Tennille. They are from the deep south (of the great south east) and hopefully will be well equipped to last the coming weeks with Yours Truly and my partner His Lordship... If the names remind you of a singing duo back in the mid 70s you're halfway there. The Captain is actually named after Captain Von Trapp of The Sound of Music...he has always reminded me of Christopher Plummer! As for his partner, for the purposes of this blog and to keep her anonymity secure, I thought of calling her Maria but that would be totally unsuitable as she is loads of fun and not the convent type at all! Then as fate would have it I spotted an image of The Captain and Tennille and voila!...the perfect name for The Captain's blonde-haired other-half. It's ironic really as the photo had the 70s sensation Captain wearing a ship captain's hat and believe it or not these two fellow travellers love to go yachting whenever the opportunity arises...

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