Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the journey continues

For those of you who have just joined my 'blog' adventure...To date I have jotted down various tales covering my most recent holiday - a white winter in Europe. I had planned to continue plotting my journey from Prague to Rome, Florence, London, Paris, and HongKong - touching on memorable destinations both in those cities and beyond their fair walls - but time is running out. In a couple of weeks His Lordship and Yours Truly will be travelling to China for a month and I hope to be blogging on a daily basis (or at least every couple of days) pending access to the internet/wi fi etc. I have made the momentous decision (she wrote with tongue in cheek) to cut down on my European scribbles and simply list my top things to do at my favourite locations I have visited to date including my lastest escape which was a brief stay in Melbourne(Australia) in June - I was in dire need of a real 'European-style' winter fix but wanting to seriously avoid that horrendous 24-hour plus plane trip (in cattle class) to get there! Melbourne always does the job 'rawther' nicely. Hopefully I will be able to steal away some time to write about these treasured destinations before we take off on our Asian adventure to the land of the Terracotta Warriors...

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