Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Me Myself + Prague

OK so we've landed in Prague and arrived at our hotel - and it is picture perfect! The Hotel & Residence U Tri Bubnu at U Radnice 8, 10 Prague 1 is in The Old Town and literally just around the corner from the Old Town Square (pictured). I know we opted for a typically touristy spot but it's so central to everything including the Palladium Shopping Centre which was very handy when I needed to purchase a thicker coat to ward off the minus two degrees icy chills. Family friends who have been to Prague twice before recommended this hotel; they also suggested we should catch a performance at the Black Light Theatre. I know it's a specialty of Prague's but it just didn't grab my attention. And when you have only a week in a city it's important you cull your list and prioritise to ensure you see those 'musts' first. If you want to know more about the Black Light Theatre there are plenty of sites on the web which will give you a detailed overview supported by a plethora of images taken by countless amateur photographers.

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